A New Perspective on Agricultural Hiring Practices

In 2020, many industries are struggling with finding and retaining qualified labor, and agriculture is no exception. Conversely, many employees in the agriculture industry say they are unable to find good jobs. What’s behind this? A recent article for AgWeb attributes it to transitions currently occurring in the U.S. workforce.

What is changing in the workforce? The article cites four areas:

  1. Generational Expectations: As new generations enter the workforce, general job expectations undergo a shift.
  2. Population Shifts: The movement of populations to more urban areas impacts local labor pools.
  3. New Technologies: As technology develops, jobs change, and so do the skills needed to perform them.
  4. A World-wide Market: Increased connectivity around the globe makes it possible to recruit employees with specific skill sets from far away.

In light of these developments, what do farm managers do to hire and retain quality employees? The author suggests the following:

  • Seek to tap new sources of employees, such as hiring inexperienced laborers with the expectation that you will train them on the job.
  • Make your farm more attractive to prospective hires by highlighting your culture and history.
  • Be willing to payer higher salaries or wages in order to retain good workers.
  • Encourage your best employees by offering them upward mobility within your operations.

For more details, read the article in full at AgWeb.