Autonomous Farming System Heads to Market

In an exciting turn for farming, Smart Ag, an Iowa-based ag technology firm, has successfully tested AutoCart, a system allowing existing farm equipment to operate autonomously and is selling a limited number of the systems this year, writes Ron Swoboda for Farm Industry News.

Swoboda details the following benefits of this new system:

  • Helps solve farm labor shortage – The systems allows one person to do remote work that typically requires two skilled operators.
  • Programmed with safety in mind – AutoCart employs navigation technology to chart its own path within the bounds set by the operator. It is programmed to make a safe stop before hitting things it should not, such as humans or vehicles.
  • Autonomous machinery is expected to expand – The use and variety of this technology is predicted to grow rapidly and become more and more available.

For more details, read the article in full at Farm Industry News.