Developing Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Agriculture Sector

The coronavirus pandemic brought to light the need for change and evolution in many industries. The agriculture sector is certainly no exception. In a recent article for Forbes, author Jeff Fromm discusses a conversation he had with the Chief Operating Officer of Valent U.S.A., a California-based agricultural product wholesaler, regarding the response of the agriculture industry to the pandemic.

The discussion touched on the following areas:

  • The need to pursue new digital channels – The pandemic made traditional in-person interactions with clients (“walking the field”) impossible. The appropriate response is to seek out digital avenues for maintaining this type of customer engagement—developing a “virtual handshake.” Another important response to new communication challenges is pursuing a larger emphasis on online advertising and social media presence.
  • The need to prioritize sustainability – “Sustainability is about ensuring growers have the tools, solutions, and, most importantly, the partner to help them side-by-side to make decisions for the long-term viability of their operation.” This includes marrying traditional offerings with new innovations, providing tailored solutions, and pursuing greater collaboration in decision making.

The major takeaway from the pandemic, then, is the need for nimbleness, responsiveness, and a new digital focus in the agriculture industry. For further details, click here to read the article in full at Forbes.