Employee Spotlight – David Carbajal-Pimentel

David has dedicated the entirety of his professional accounting career to serving on the De Boer Baumann & Company team. He initially joined the firm as an intern in January of 2019 then was welcomed to the team fulltime in July of that same year. David currently serves as a staff accountant and recently joined the firm’s Tax Committee.

An avid student, David has been studying at Grand Valley State University since the fall of 2016. He earned his bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2020 and expects to graduate with a Master of Science in Accounting this fall. On top of being the first member of his family to attend college, David graduated cum laude when he earned his bachelor’s degree!

When asked to describe his favorite part about working for De Boer Baumann & Company, David cited the people, the culture, and the job itself. “I feel that everyone here is very welcoming and polite, and they all want to deliver high quality work to clients,” he said. “I enjoy working together with the other employees and never feel discouraged to ask someone for help.” As for the work culture, David explained that he never feels stressed or overloaded because the partners and managers—who truly seem to care for their team members as people—do a great job of distributing work. Lastly, David talked about his interest in the work that DBC does. “The job keeps you on your toes as it requires good time management, communication, and problem-solving skills.”

David’s first job was a far cry from his current one. As a teenager, he worked part-time at Walter’s Gardens in Zeeland, MI. He and his brother, who worked with him, were responsible for pulling out unwanted plants from the business’s fields. “The job was a lot of fun because we worked as teams with the other employees our age and were able to have long conversations throughout the day.” Though it didn’t teach him much about accounting, the job still prepared David for his future career by helping him learn about hard work, persistence, and teamwork.

Raised in Virginia, David currently lives in Holland, Michigan. He has a dog named Rocco, who he adopted in November of 2020. Rocco is a tri-colored Jack Russell who is always ready to play. When asked “If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?” David replied that he would use the time to catch up on TV shows and practice a skill, like drawing. David would love to master drawing because he thinks it is one of the coolest skills anyone can have.

Employee Spotlight - David Carbajal-Pimentel
Employee spotlight - David Carbajal-Pimentel
Employee spotlight - David Carbajal-Pimentel