It’s Time to Consider Moving Your Ag Data to the Cloud

Data security in the agriculture industry doesn’t just refer to keeping online files safe from hackers. In a recent article for PrecisionAg, author Reinder Prins explores what data security looks like for farmers.

Though some farmers do store their information digitally, a majority still rely on paper files or records stored on a local computer. The issue with this method was underlined during the recent Australian bushfires. Many farmers lost the entirety of their database because it was not stored digitally.

Why is it a big deal when farmers lose their records? Many critical farming decisions are based on historic data collected over many years. The loss of this information requires farmers to start building up their database of information all over again.

Though bushfires are not a high risk for many farms, there are other hazards that might destroy any locally-stored files. Farmers should seriously consider storing data in the cloud in order to ensure that they don’t lose it in the event of a disaster.

For more details, read the article in full at PrecisionAg.