The Impact of New Technologies in the Worldwide Agricultural Sphere

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are rapidly expanding into a variety of arenas. New applications of these technologies are in high demand in many industries, including agriculture. In a recent article for Future Farming, Hugo Claver takes a look at some of the key impacts of new tech on the farming industry, including:

  • Cognitive Computing – This combination of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies answers a variety of growth issues in the agriculture industry, including an increased demand for products and growing modernization initiatives throughout the world.
  • AI in Weather Forecasting – The accuracy of weather forecasts can have a huge impact on farmers. Applying AI technology to this field can result in fewer crop losses due to weather events.
  • North American Companies Dominating the Field – By and large, the biggest players when it comes to agricultural AI are North American companies. That said, the demand for AI technology in the agricultural sphere is growing worldwide.

For more details, read the article in full at Future Farming.