Transformation to a Highly Effective Manufacturing Culture

Changing and improving your manufacturing culture has to come from the top to be lasting and effective. Here are some new ways to connect workers. New ways of communication can go a long way.

  • Staff need to feel valued to be engaged. Have new employees meet with executive management upon their hire. Start a recognition program. Have an employee appreciation week. Highlight employees’ contributions and successes in your regular emails.
  • Have cross functional team exercises that involve departments that may not normally have much interaction. These can include fun challenges.
  • Enhance training programs. This includes cross training in different departments. The best way to retain good employees is hiring from within. Grooming your talent pool and giving them a new skill set can only add to your organization.
  • Involve your production team in improvement ideas. Ask builders and assembly technicians for their feedback. They should feel welcome to add input and suggest improvements.
  • Let your staff know you are listening. Have meetings with staff that give everyone a chance to vent and offer real contributions.

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