Eight Practical Succession Ideas

Winter provides an ideal opportunity to strategize for the advancement of your family business. As you contemplate the months ahead, consider these eight suggestions to enhance your management succession and estate planning endeavors:

  1. Review and update your balance sheet. Accurate valuation of inherited land is essential for effective estate planning, helping minimize tax implications.
  2. Establish a clear path for future ownership. Define how younger family members will attain ownership, whether through gift, sale, or other means, to avoid future conflicts.
  3. Delegate a management task. Foster the transition of responsibilities to the next generation by assigning specific business functions.
  4. Refresh estate-planning documents. Regularly review wills, trusts, and other documents to ensure they align with your current wishes.
  5. Evaluate retirement funding. Seek guidance from financial planners to secure retirement income independent of business continuation.
  6. Assess tax implications of exiting. Plan with your accountant well in advance to mitigate tax liabilities associated with transitioning out of farming.
  7. Introduce family members to landowners. Facilitate smooth transitions by familiarizing landowners with future business successors.
  8. Clarify exit strategies for children. Establish buy-sell agreements to define how siblings or cousins will manage ownership transitions, reducing potential conflicts.

Succession and estate planning can be complex, but taking proactive steps can lead to a smoother transition for your family business. To read more, please visit the full article HERE.