Tax Preparation & Planning

Many agricultural business owners make the mistake of viewing their tax planning and preparation as a service that can be performed by any CPA firm. While they may be able to provide basic tax services, not every CPA firm understands the agriculture sector enough to identify industry-specific tax saving opportunities that are hidden by your current tax strategies. Also, not every CPA firm is aware of the complex and ever-changing tax laws affecting your industry.

The agricultural tax specialists at De Boer Baumann & Company will work closely with you throughout the year to create innovative and customized solutions to minimize your tax burden. In addition, our advanced technology enhances our ability to comply with all federal and state taxing authorities. We stay on top of the laws and filing requirements affecting the agricultural industry in order to provide superior service to our clients. When legislative change happens, we will notify you immediately regarding any adjustments you may need to make to your overall tax strategy. The experienced agricultural tax team at De Boer Baumann can assist with any or all of the following tax services:

  • Federal and state tax return preparation
  • Representation before federal and state taxing authorities
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Year-round tax planning