Manufacturing Career Pathways – Promoting Employment

With reshoring efforts increasing around the U.S., skilled manufacturing workers are in higher demand. Recently conducted studies have predicted that over the next decade we’ll be faced with a shortage of 2 million manufacturing workers, due in part to rising retirement rates and increased competition for skilled workers across other industries.

Manufacturers can prepare by collaborating with local colleges in order to develop career pathways and learning opportunities. And while more and more colleges are looking for ways to partner with employers to ensure that their curriculum is tied more closely with regional employment needs, there are some challenges to striking up these partnerships.

Businesses can help to bring on-the-job training to students, which creates a win-win situation for both employers and students, who are expected to be entering the workforce shortly after graduation. This creates an opportunity for employers to more easily meet their bottom lines by training the next generation of workers in the skills that they deem most crucial to meeting their companywide productivity goals.

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