Using Data to Inform Key Farming Decisions

In the course of operating, farms produce a wealth of valuable data. In a recent article for AgWeb, author Kinsie Rayburn examines the long-term benefits of collecting and using farm data.

The author first discusses a study that examined if farmers are taking advantage of the farm-level productions and management data to which they have access. The study resulted in the following findings:

  • In 2019, 60% of farmers reported that they do not use data management software.
  • 75% did not use technology solutions, such as computers, to store their data—they keep it on paper.
  • 60% stated that they were focused on conserving their farm’s legacy, profitability, and viability.

Rayburn explains that farming data is abundant and valuable, both to the current farmer and their future successor. Data that is recorded and stored can be used to inform key decisions for years and decades to come. The author urges farmers to consider the key role that data plays in the long-term legacy of their farm’s successful operation.

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